Tools for vehicle repairers and insurers

Using document to data, natural language processing and traditional information systems to provide high impact
systems targeted to specific user groups. Focused on increased accuracy/profitability,
customer retention and more cost effective guidance information.

VTech Toolkit

Helping calibration providers/repairers control their operating costs with a more cost effective Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) identification system for vehicles involved in accidents.

Estimate Scrubber

Helping vehicle repairers be better organized and increase revenues. Main product is a document to data portal for reviewing Audatex, CCC One and Mitchell Cloud estimates for compliance mistakes and missing revenue opportunities.

InsurTech Toolkit

Better claims processing through open data silos, cognitive document processing (CDP), and machine learning-based auto-adjudication. Main product is Automobile Claims Documents to Data (SOAP/Restful API).